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DIY swimming pool enclosure

How do will you feel when you have a unique sanctuary in your backyard throughout the year?

You can savor your underground swimming pool irrespective of the weather condition.

The modern swimming pools are fitted with polycarbonate covers.

They can be dome, rectangular or gable shape.

swimming pool enclosure from Excelite

Generally, they come in different designs, colors and heights.

It is upon the end user to choose one that fits his/her specifications.

That’s not all, there are a number of reasons why you really have to install without thinking twice.

These key benefits include:

1.You Are Guaranteed of Extended Swimming Time All Year Round

Whether it is winter or summer, you will use your swimming pool like any other day.

That is, the polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure will block the direct heat during summer.

Thus, you will not experience any skin burns.

During winter, the enclosure acts as a barrier that blocks both snow and cold winter winds from entering the swimming pool area.


This will definitely make environment within the swimming pool stable.

With a pool enclosure, you will use the pools for many days throughout the year.

Since polycarbonate is a durable sheet, it will definitely extend pool usage for more than 25 years.

2.A Stable Environment Created by The Enclosure is Good for Your Health

You can continue with your aerobics exercise even during winter or cold weather.

Extreme weather conditions (very cold or hot) could be dangerous for your health.

swimming pool enclosue

Such weather conditions are always associated with different types of ailments.

With this enclosure, that will be a thing of the past.

Again, there is no reason for the body to acclimate every time you are training due to varying weather conditions.

This is because your pool enclosure will make the surrounding environment stable. This is actually a direct health benefit.

3. Your Swimming Pool Will be Safe from Intruders

Swimming pool enclosures are designed with locking doors.

Whether you have gone to work or for other errands.

You can lock the swimming pool area so that no one uses the swimming pool without your permission.

This makes it easy to control who uses the swimming pool.

As a matter of fact, .

pool enclosure with locking doors

4. It Blocks Convectional Currents That Cause Pool Water Loss

As water evaporates, during hot weather, it will be blown away by wind (convectional wind currents).

A polycarbonate pool enclosure blocks all these wind, thus, it does not blow away water.

Again, the amount of water that evaporates if any, it reduced significantly.

The good thing is, water that evaporates condenses on the surface of the polycarbonate enclosure and returns back to the pool.

5. It Reduces Amount of Chemicals You Will use, Hence, Reducing Expenses

It is the UV radiation that burns used to purify swimming pool water.

The polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure filters out these UV radiations.

Therefore, you don’t need to use more chlorine.

This will save you from unnecessary costs.

reduce cost

6. It Acts as An Improved Security Measure for The Swimming Pool

You will have full control of who uses the swimming pool and all its resources.

This makes you accountable for everything that you decide to do.

Most of these pool enclosures come with two locking mechanisms.

The external and internal locking systems.

7. It Will Reduce The Number of Accidents, Thus, Lower Compensation Claims

There are states where swimming pool owners are required to insure their pools against accidents.

As the swimming pool owner, you are liable for pool injuries.

Controlling who uses the swimming pool will reduce accidents, hence, unnecessary costs in terms of compensations.

pool accident

When you install polycarbonate pool enclosure, no person or animal will fall in water.

This will save you from unnecessary expenses.

8. You Can Control The Privacy of  The Swimming Pool

You can opt for tinted polycarbonate sheets that reduces amount of light transmission.

This will keep you free from prying eyes of passers-by or neighbors.

Therefore, you have all the freedom to do what pleases you in the swimming pool.

9. It Reduces The Amount of UV Exposure

UV radiation may cause sunburn. Polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure block 99% of all UV rays that may be harmful.

You will not suffer from any diseases that may be due to UV exposure.

UV block

10. The Cover Reduces Daily Cleaning And Maintenance Costs

You don’t have to remove insects, leaves, grass or debris every time you want to use your swimming pool.

This will reduce the amount of money you spend paying people to clean the swimming pool.

Your water PH will remain stable at all times.

11. It is a Better Way to Comply with Safety Measures Enforced by Local Authorities

The county officials will not charge you for non-compliance.

Therefore, you won’t have any pending cases in court.

This is crucial for commercial swimming pools.

commercial swimming pool cover

12. The Pool Enclosure Improves The Beauty of  The Swimming Pool

Swimming pool enclosures improve the elegance and overall appearance of swimming pools.

It is even better if you opt for customized swimming pool enclosures that feature advanced technology.

13. It is Very Convenient Thus, Guarantees a Peace of Mind

Nothing is boring as cleaning your swimming pool before you start swimming.

Again, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your swimming pool.

This will definitely be very convenient besides giving you a peace of mind.


Do you still doubt why you need polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures?

I hope not. You should plan to install one to enjoy all these benefits.

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